Wednesday’s Child – Little Louise Hoffmann


A daughter of our emigrant ancestor Jacob Hoffmann, Louise Hoffmann was my great-grand-aunt and also my half-great-great-grand-aunt.  She was born November 25, 1875 in Renaucourt, France, the oldest child of Jacob and his second wife Christine Schmidt and appears in Renaucourt birth records.


Louise was seven years old when her family emigrated to America in May 1883. The family arrived in Philadelphia on May 16 (130 years ago tomorrow) and left four hours later on a train bound for Fairbury, Illinois. Two of the Hoffmann daughters were already living in the area.

The following year Jacob rented a farm near Strawn, Illinois. Louise’s brother Andy (Jacob’s 14th child) was born here in May 1884. Louise would not live to see her baby brother’s first birthday, however. She died December 4, 1884 in Strawn, and is buried in the South Apostolic Christian Cemetery near Fairbury.


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